…he is innocent until proven guilty… I’ve seen some nasty comments written about this kid… I mean, I agree, I believe he did do it, I have no evidence other than he fucking ran from the cops… which is a no-no… So yeah, this kid chose to do a bad bad not good thing… A nasty thing… does he deserve humiliation? No, because technically to the US he is innocent… Does he deserve prison and/or execution? Yes, he deserves imprisonment, because he hurt people, and that is wrong… But execution? No no no… Only if all the soldiers in the Afghan and Iraq get executed… Because the truth is, whether you believe it or not, this kid, in his eyes, was fighting a war… was he probably manipulated? yes, but so is everyone else who goes to war… Look, I’m not sure what this kid was fighting for, but he was fighting for something… and he deserves recognition for that… but he hurt the wrong people… he terrorized INNOCENT people… that is the definition of terrorism… I just don’t want to go on yahoo and see under “What’s Trending” is a video of this kid being hung… that is just as bad as putting nails in a bomb and blowing up a marathon crowd…

Of People, pot, and kittens

For me, the best thing you can do in life is love your brothers and sisters. In this prejudice, bias, and straight up judgemental society, even I find that hard to achieve. 

Leonard Cohen said it best, “All I’ve ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya.” Many of us categorize love as “that thing everyone wants, everyone is harmed by, and everyone takes for granted,” but in the last few years I have learned that love isn’t just a thing, it is everything. Everything imaginable. Athiests close your eyes, but love is god. 

I would say I have grown more in the past year than in the entirety of my life. I have started community college, experienced my first car accident, and parted ways with the love of my life. 

My ex-girlfriend was my best friend, my lover, and my everything at one point. I never knew what love was before her, and in the time we spent together I would say I mastered it(I haven’t). When we broke up my mind was confused. Everything I lived for before that point was gone, and in some way I felt unmotivated to do anything. I failed many of my classes in high school because I didn’t feel like it was worth anything. Big regret.

In some kind of miracle and good grace of my educational system, I was able to complete high school and start college. I have always been interested in history, so taking a history class was a no-brainer for me. But, it is what I learned in that history class that would forever change my way of thinking. It wasn’t the history that impacted me, but the professor. From the moment he started talking I knew he something great. With the details aside, he told the class that by the time chritstmas came around, we would all have tickets into heaven. It probably isn’t right to say that, but he was definitely right. Through out the semester, he always concentrated on Socrates. Socrates taught the world a lot, but one thing sticks out the most, love. To paraphrase him, he said, “I am not wise, all I know is love.” And after I heard that my mind wasn’t confused anymore. I felt enlightened. 

About five months ago, I was rear-ended. Hard. I wasn’t hurt(knock on wood), but I would say it was a life-changing moment. I became closer to god. I stopped smoking so much fucking weed. But best of all, I have set out to show the world for what it truly is: Love. 

I try to act more like Socrates. I try to teach people things, not things they want to hear, but things they need to hear. For a lot of people, I can see how it might get annoying. I try to say it in an entertaining way, but as you can tell by this blog post, I’m not the best at that.

On the internet, you can decide whether things are worth your time, or just spam. Sometimes in real life, I feel as if people are trying to label me as spam. Well, I must say, I am going to be a more persistent spam than penis enlargments or “hot girls in my area.” 

Do not fear, for I will show the world for what it truly is. One post, one comment, and one sticker on a sign at a time. Thank you.

Remember, Call 911...

…If the police are harrassing you. This is a picture of Oscar Grant, the man who recently had a movie made about the last minutes of his life, when a BART police officer pulled out a gun and shot him point blank. Coincidence or not, this movie(called “Fruitvale Station” as that is the name of the train station he was murdered at) came out a little before the Zimmerman verdict did. The similarities between the two are just scary, and disgusting, so look them up yourself. RIP both Trayvon and Oscar…

WordPress, the big W


If there is one thing I have learned from the two nights I have spent reading peoples blog, it is this:

People on here like to hide their enormous ego in lots and lots of encouraging, loving words.

I think I’ll fit in just fine.

Press on people, press on!

F**K Friendly Fire F**S


I hope to clear a few major issues in this blog post. 

1. The title says Fuck Friendly Fire Fags. Before I explain what the hell that is, let me clarify that in no way, shape, or form, should the word Fags ever be interpreted as a derogatory term targeted at homosexual human beings when used by me. It does however count as a derogatory term targeted at idiots who think they are too cool for themselves when used by me. With that said # 2:

2. FFFF or Quadruple F or as I like to call it, “the artist formerly known as Riley White,” is a parody sticker campaign started by me to raise awareness about the despicable and down right hypocritical “clothing brand” known as Friendly Fire.

3. This company, “Friendly Fire” was started by Riley White and other kids who have no business whatsoever in the industry of designing clothes. First of all, I come from the town they come from, and I must say that these types of kids are straight faggots(see # 1). They put “World Famous” on one t-shirt, which if that doesn’t signify being too cool for yourself, then I don’t know what will. Second of all, their slogan is like, “Create something from nothing.” Which is great and I agree is a great slogan, but let’s look at the bigger picture: Riley White had like his dad get some other company to make the shirts, which probably cost a bunch of money. Sorry faggots, but you kind of need nothing to start with, idiots. Like me, I don’t even have enough money to buy more sticker paper, but I’m still an artist, Bitch.

4. I have flat out labeled myself as the mastermind behind this raging sticker campaign and I would just like to say for the record that, “I don’t give a fuck.” 

Thank you for reading my rant, and for you non-existent viewers, Your Welcome for dropping some knowledge up on your asses… 

Good night and Good luck.

Golf Wang


Odd Future is some good shit, and if you don’t know what the fuck Im talking about then go look them up. For those who do know, here is a redundant explanation of who they are:

To me, OFWGKTA is a gang of young artists in the 21st century just trying to do what us 21st century kids do: Make stuff and then destroy stuff too. Everyone in OF is great, with my favorite being Hodgy Beats.

Enough with Odd Future, this is my blog and everyone already likes them so with that thought, here is a few bars inspired by an loosely affiliated OF member, Jack Mushroom:

Hey I’m Tom, and I’m Fucking Awesome

Jack Mushroom on Ayahausca,

I’m rompin from here to Compton

and schmobbin just like a rocket

I’m poppin I’m off some ‘contin

not stoppin cos life’s an option

And Fuck Marijuana I’m too stoned to run for Office

I guess that’s why I spit bars like Hershey’s chocolate

Call me Emcee One Man Factory vomit lyrics for profit

Fuck a gold chain, I’m off it

Material Idol Prophets

And if the world had any dignity left, I just lost it

There’s another one, non-existent viewer. Your welcome…

I am not a rapper, I’m a philosopher…

…and I mix beats with messages I have to offer ya,

A satirist with fat lyrics that’ll clobber yours,

And if I had the chance I’d be on everybody’s Top Chart…

If you didn’t already know, now you know that I am in aspiring hip hop artist. The truth is that rapping is just modern day poetry, and to me, it is even better. The thought in this post is where Hip Hop is today. Many have said and I only quote, “Hip Hop is Dead.” Well, those people are obviously not familiar with the idea of change. Sure, it is true Hip Hop is much different than what it once was, and in some cases very distant and on the brink of annoying. Yet, everything evolves and if this analogy doesn’t convince you, then GTFO:

Humanoids have evolved over the years, going through phases such as Homo Erectus, and Cro-Magnum, but nonetheless have always looked like their distant ape ancestors. Now, Hip Hop in it’s primitive form, has a core essential concept that has stayed with it through the many years of change. That concept is witty, god-like rhyming poetry to a funk ass beat. It is essential for the modern and classic rapper to have fresh, well thought-out ideas organized ever so perfectly over a slappa(eargasms). 

So, non-existent viewer, now you understand the dynamics of what it means to be a “Boss Tycoon, Dipped in sauce, I floss, Ty-ty-tycoon.” -Thizz In Peace Mac Dre

Your welcome…

I'm Hit! philosopher down! I repeat philosopher down...

Above is a picture of the car I was rear-ended in. My former self would have said something like, “It was Awesome! I was all like Ker-plunker Boom!” Though, when I limped out of that car, I emerged a new person, full of adrenaline, knowledge, and the audacity to start a blog and post weird shit like this. In actuality, I am okay, and I learned that my favorite cliche expression is a real medical condition. The saying is, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” And the condition is called post-traumatic growth. You see, even to this day(which is only months after the accident), I find myself feeling sqeamish and at the same time relieved I am okay. I was no where to my knowledge near-death, but that pretty much explains the way I feel about it.

The person I am now does not nearly smoke as much weed as my former self, which isn’t because marijuana is bad, it’s just that addiction is. I now feel high off life, ready for each day like it is my last.

And for you, non-existent viewer, I shall write every post like it is my last blog post. Your welcome…