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…he is innocent until proven guilty… I’ve seen some nasty comments written about this kid… I mean, I agree, I believe he did do it, I have no evidence other than he fucking ran from the cops… which is a no-no… So yeah, this kid chose to do a bad bad not good thing… A nasty thing… does he deserve humiliation? No, because technically to the US he is innocent… Does he deserve prison and/or execution? Yes, he deserves imprisonment, because he hurt people, and that is wrong… But execution? No no no… Only if all the soldiers in the Afghan and Iraq get executed… Because the truth is, whether you believe it or not, this kid, in his eyes, was fighting a war… was he probably manipulated? yes, but so is everyone else who goes to war… Look, I’m not sure what this kid was fighting for, but he was fighting for something… and he deserves recognition for that… but he hurt the wrong people… he terrorized INNOCENT people… that is the definition of terrorism… I just don’t want to go on yahoo and see under “What’s Trending” is a video of this kid being hung… that is just as bad as putting nails in a bomb and blowing up a marathon crowd…

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