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I'm Hit! philosopher down! I repeat philosopher down...

Above is a picture of the car I was rear-ended in. My former self would have said something like, “It was Awesome! I was all like Ker-plunker Boom!” Though, when I limped out of that car, I emerged a new person, full of adrenaline, knowledge, and the audacity to start a blog and post weird shit like this. In actuality, I am okay, and I learned that my favorite cliche expression is a real medical condition. The saying is, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” And the condition is called post-traumatic growth. You see, even to this day(which is only months after the accident), I find myself feeling sqeamish and at the same time relieved I am okay. I was no where to my knowledge near-death, but that pretty much explains the way I feel about it.

The person I am now does not nearly smoke as much weed as my former self, which isn’t because marijuana is bad, it’s just that addiction is. I now feel high off life, ready for each day like it is my last.

And for you, non-existent viewer, I shall write every post like it is my last blog post. Your welcome…

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