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“I know not what weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

-paraphrased Albert Einstein

Above is a famous quote from the great Albert himself. If it is not apparent what he means, it is this:

The second great war brought about many advances in weapon technology. The word weapon is synonymous with destruction, and Albert himself helped to establish the mother of all weapons, the nuke. In his quote, his main concern is that nuclear weapons will destroy earth to such a great extent, that in the event of another world war, we as humans would have nothing left technology (or material for that matter) wise that we would be forced to fight the fourth World War with only sticks and stones.

Now, my concern with this quote is not the substance of his thought, but rather the mere pessimism Albert portrays in that he would think that after WWIII, we as humans would be stupid enough to fight another one. I also understand that Albert’s words are hypothetical and just a friendly warning, but in all reality, I am sure humans will fight eachother until the last one drops dead(that thought is screenplay gold). Am I pessimistic? Probably. But, I am hopeful; hopeful that before WWIII even, humans will understand that war is not just unnecessary, but morally wrong.

“I know not wha…

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