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I am not a rapper, I’m a philosopher…

…and I mix beats with messages I have to offer ya,

A satirist with fat lyrics that’ll clobber yours,

And if I had the chance I’d be on everybody’s Top Chart…

If you didn’t already know, now you know that I am in aspiring hip hop artist. The truth is that rapping is just modern day poetry, and to me, it is even better. The thought in this post is where Hip Hop is today. Many have said and I only quote, “Hip Hop is Dead.” Well, those people are obviously not familiar with the idea of change. Sure, it is true Hip Hop is much different than what it once was, and in some cases very distant and on the brink of annoying. Yet, everything evolves and if this analogy doesn’t convince you, then GTFO:

Humanoids have evolved over the years, going through phases such as Homo Erectus, and Cro-Magnum, but nonetheless have always looked like their distant ape ancestors. Now, Hip Hop in it’s primitive form, has a core essential concept that has stayed with it through the many years of change. That concept is witty, god-like rhyming poetry to a funk ass beat. It is essential for the modern and classic rapper to have fresh, well thought-out ideas organized ever so perfectly over a slappa(eargasms). 

So, non-existent viewer, now you understand the dynamics of what it means to be a “Boss Tycoon, Dipped in sauce, I floss, Ty-ty-tycoon.” -Thizz In Peace Mac Dre

Your welcome…

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