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Golf Wang


Odd Future is some good shit, and if you don’t know what the fuck Im talking about then go look them up. For those who do know, here is a redundant explanation of who they are:

To me, OFWGKTA is a gang of young artists in the 21st century just trying to do what us 21st century kids do: Make stuff and then destroy stuff too. Everyone in OF is great, with my favorite being Hodgy Beats.

Enough with Odd Future, this is my blog and everyone already likes them so with that thought, here is a few bars inspired by an loosely affiliated OF member, Jack Mushroom:

Hey I’m Tom, and I’m Fucking Awesome

Jack Mushroom on Ayahausca,

I’m rompin from here to Compton

and schmobbin just like a rocket

I’m poppin I’m off some ‘contin

not stoppin cos life’s an option

And Fuck Marijuana I’m too stoned to run for Office

I guess that’s why I spit bars like Hershey’s chocolate

Call me Emcee One Man Factory vomit lyrics for profit

Fuck a gold chain, I’m off it

Material Idol Prophets

And if the world had any dignity left, I just lost it

There’s another one, non-existent viewer. Your welcome…

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