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F**K Friendly Fire F**S


I hope to clear a few major issues in this blog post. 

1. The title says Fuck Friendly Fire Fags. Before I explain what the hell that is, let me clarify that in no way, shape, or form, should the word Fags ever be interpreted as a derogatory term targeted at homosexual human beings when used by me. It does however count as a derogatory term targeted at idiots who think they are too cool for themselves when used by me. With that said # 2:

2. FFFF or Quadruple F or as I like to call it, “the artist formerly known as Riley White,” is a parody sticker campaign started by me to raise awareness about the despicable and down right hypocritical “clothing brand” known as Friendly Fire.

3. This company, “Friendly Fire” was started by Riley White and other kids who have no business whatsoever in the industry of designing clothes. First of all, I come from the town they come from, and I must say that these types of kids are straight faggots(see # 1). They put “World Famous” on one t-shirt, which if that doesn’t signify being too cool for yourself, then I don’t know what will. Second of all, their slogan is like, “Create something from nothing.” Which is great and I agree is a great slogan, but let’s look at the bigger picture: Riley White had like his dad get some other company to make the shirts, which probably cost a bunch of money. Sorry faggots, but you kind of need nothing to start with, idiots. Like me, I don’t even have enough money to buy more sticker paper, but I’m still an artist, Bitch.

4. I have flat out labeled myself as the mastermind behind this raging sticker campaign and I would just like to say for the record that, “I don’t give a fuck.” 

Thank you for reading my rant, and for you non-existent viewers, Your Welcome for dropping some knowledge up on your asses… 

Good night and Good luck.

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